Balanced and Unbalanced Microbiome

What is Your Skin's Microbiome and Why is it a Big Deal?

Your microbiome is an invisible ecosystem of microorganisms living on your skin, consisting of both good bacteria and bad bacteria. A healthy microbiome acts as your skin's natural protective shield. There are many factors that can put your microbiome out of sync - such as weather, harsh cleansers and pollution - these conditions can make your skin more vulnerable to dryness, irritation and sensitivity.

Prebiotic oats

Embrace the Power of Oats

Aveeno® baby daily moisture lotion is nourishing and formulated for babies, made with natural colloidal oatmeal and dimethicone to protect and moisturize your baby’s sensitive skin for 24 hours*.

*Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion is proven for 24 hours moisturizing results. Clinical study C11-C179, Jul 2011.


For generations, the moisturizing properties of oat to help restore, nourish and soothe the skin’s moisture barrier, have been known to aid the most compromised of skin conditions. It is one of the few natural ingredients approved by the USFDA as a skin protectant. Aveeno® scientists have been studying oat for over 60 years and have proven the efficacy and safety of oat with over 25 clinical studies.​

More recently, studies have shown that the community of microorganisms living on the skin (the microbiome) can play a large role in skin health. Aveeno baby Daily moisture lotion with prebiotic oat can helps protect and moisturize baby's sensitive skin.​


Designed to comfort your baby’s sensitive skin